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Victoria Chapter Steering Committee for 2014/2015

At our Victoria Chapter Annual General Meeting on June 16, we'll be appointing a new Steering Committee for 2014/2015.

This year we have many enthusiastic volunteers to serve on our Victoria Chapter Steering Committee. Some of us are continuing from previous years and some have learned about BCSEA with the higher profile of Changing Gears 2014, our March 22 sustainable transportation event. They are:

Member Bio
Tom Hackney Tom is a founding director of BCSEA, and currently serves as the Director of Policy, with an emphasis on BC Utilities Commission hearings. He will be joining us at the Chapter level to increase coordination with the provincial Board.
Christina Ianiciello  
Lee Johnson

Lee has accepted a new position as Sustainable Energy Planner with the District of Saanich, so has recused himself to avoid any perception of conflict of interest.

Robyn Lowry

Robin is Physician and former Research Scientist, now semi-retired, with a strong and abiding interest in Environmental Toxicology and Climate Change.  He has recently engaged with the Dogwood organization and is working with them to support their initiative to call for a Provincial referendum on the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline which would feed tanker export of diluted Bitumen from the Canadian west coast to the Orient.  He is also passionately interested in promoting change with respect to adoption of sustainable green energy to power industry and transportation.  Robin would be very interested in joining the BCSEA's Steering Committee for Victoria with the intent of promoting future collaborative activity to halt Climate Change.

Doug McGinnis Doug moved to Victoria in late 2011, following a professional career that spanned more than 31 years in BC, Ontario and Alberta, where he served as an agricultural engineer, researcher, science specialist and science & technology administrator for the Canadian government.
Doug has a long-held interest, both in his private life and career, in conservation and environmental protection.
He earned a Bachelors degree in Bio-Resources Engineering from the University of BC, a Masters degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Guelph, and a PhD from the Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutritional Sciences, University of Alberta. As a Steering Committee member for the Victoria Chapter of the BC Sustainable Energy Association since 2012, Doug has found a home amongst peers who are actively working to make a difference, by helping to bring informed sustainable lifestyle and technology choices into growing awareness. 
Bruce Mackenzie

I have been a member of the BCSEA Victoria Steering Committee since the early days of BCSEA and Chair for a few years. I also have a paid position as BCSEA Webinar technician. I organised our Home Show participation several years ago. I hope to continue on the Steering Committee but not as Chair.

I have been interested in energy since the 1970s 'oil crisis' and am very concerned about climate change, which I feel has already gone beyond the tipping points which put it outside human control. I find that participating in BCSEA distracts me from worrying so much about our future.

Marion Pape

Marion Pape has been a Victoria Chapter Steering Committee member for 2 years. She has provided strategic leadership to the organization through a priorities and planning process in 2012, planned agendas and facilitated Steering Committee meetings since 2012 and managed the communications and many networking functions for  the successful "Changing Gears Transportation Expo" in March 2014.

Marion comes from a background of community development, engagement and networking and served as Provincial Librarian for Nova Scotia and Territorial Librarian in the NWT cumulatively for over 16 years with an emphasis on Information Technology and networking. Her goal for 2014-15 will be to facilitate the development of teams of motivated Steering Committee members who will actively engage in the vital work of BCSEA, Victoria Chapter . She is also aware that BCSEA's work with "Changing Gears' has dramatically raised the profile of the organization and this will require strategic follow-up including participation from the BCSEA membership.

Tim Roberts

I have been a member of BCSEA since 2007 and have been on the Victoria Chapter steering committee for five years. I served as volunteer coordinator from 2010-2013, and was one of the organizers for the Changing Gears event earlier this year. My day job is as a director of a research and evaluation firm working with the federal and provincial governments and NGOs in the justice field.
My participation in BCSEA is driven by a strong concern about climate change and the willful myopia of our national and provincial governments in the face of this challenge.  I am inspired by the many local, regional and occasionally national initiatives around the world that are based on sustainable energy. I am sustained by the conviction and energy of people in BCSEA and similar organizations who care deeply. In the coming year I would like to work towards:

  1. increasing our communications and attendance at fewer but well-organized chapter meetings,
  2. planning one or more higher profile events that build on the credibility achieved with Changing Gears, make effective use of member skills within the chapter, but don't burn us out in the process, and
  3. developing the chapter relationship with the provincial body as it continues to redefine our overall energy strategy.
Paul Rasmussen

I grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, the son of parents who fought for social justice and the environment, one a Canadian and one an American.  As I child I attended demonstrations against the war in Vietnam with my parents and also learned to love the wilderness and the outdoors.  I have continued to work for social justice and against environmental degradation myself for my whole life.

In 1980 I earned a bachelors degree in computer science from the University of California at Berkeley and worked for over 30 years as a computer software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area.  For over 20 years I worked at one of the world's top computer research centres, Xerox PARC in Palo Alto, California.  5 years ago I moved to Victoria.

I have been very concerned about climate change for some time and in recent years I have become interested in trying to find ways to combine my computer skills with technologies to allow us to live sustainably on our planet.  This led me to discover BCSEA.  I have been a BCSEA member for 2 years.  As a volunteer, I did most of the technical work to create the website for the Changing Gears sustainable transportation expo put on by the Victoria chapter of BCSEA last March.  I think BCSEA is doing some great work and I am exciting about continuing to help it contribute to making British Columbia a sustainable province and a model for others to follow.

Duncan Sutherland Duncan Sutherland is a long time resident of Victoria. After 30 years of teaching in the Greater Victoria area he is now 'retired' and looking for ways to become involved on a grass roots level in addressing climate change and how communities and individuals can react to this change. He is passionate about being involved with an organization that focuses on solutions. BCSEA is a good fit. 
Denise Stocco

Denise has offered to continue to act as our Chapter Treasurer.