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Sustainable Energy

Vancouver’s SolShare Energy hopes to raise $1 million for community-owned solar-power projects

September 23, 2015
The Georgia Straight
Shareholders would receive dividends in return for “ethical investment”

Vancouver resident Rob Baxter says over one million people in Denmark are members of renewable-energy co-operatives.

The principal of the Vancouver Renewable Energy co-operative hopes the concept of community-owned energy projects will take off in British Columbia too.

Baxter told the Georgia Straight that VREC has establishedSolShare Energy, a subsidiary that will allow B.C. residents to buy shares and receive dividends from solar-power projects.

Victoria condo powers up with strata-initiated solar project

June 13, 2015
TImes Colonist

A new solar panel system is covering the roof of a 64-unit Pembroke Street condominium building to help owners save on energy costs.

The installation on the Central Park condo appears to be a ground-breaking move for a Vancouver Island strata council.

In recent years, councils have been asking about the feasibility of installing solar electric panels, said Sandy Wagner, president of the Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association.

“This is the first one that I know of,” Wagner said. “That’s fabulous for them.”