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Sustainable Energy

Solar Grid Parity in BC - When will it Happen?

 From the first solar cells in 1883 with their 1% efficiency to today’s research lab cells that claim over 40% efficiency, the progress of the solar revolution has been bumpy and often uncomfortable for the major solar players, but it has been nonetheless steady.

BCSEA Welcomes BC Government’s Commitment to Clean Energy Vehicles


The BC Sustainable Energy Association welcomes today’s announcement from BC Environment Minister Terry Lake that the government will continue BC’s successful electric vehicles program, and that the Clean Energy Vehicles Program will be retained for at least another 12 months.

The Future of Wind Energy in BC

It seems so natural that BC should be a leader when it comes to wind power. We have such huge resources, especially in BC’s northeast, but we seem to be stuck at 390 MW, compared to over 2,000 MW in Ontario and 1,648 MW in Quebec, which has similar constraints of huge hydro resources and cheap power.

There’s another 548 MW lining up to enter the grid by 2016, for a total of 938 MW, but compared to BC’s total power capacity of 43,000 MW, it’s still small game. In the same timeframe, Quebec will bring on 2500 MW.

And what about those other critical questions?

The Economic Risks of LNG Exports

We identify two baskets of economic risk with the BC LNG export scheme; the risk to capital and economic stability, and the net financial impact to household, commercial and industrial energy consumers.

The Solar Revolution in China – and Canada

It seems far away, but it’s extremely relevant, since the mass adoption of solar PV in China could accelerate the dramatic fall in solar prices.

A year ago, China had a goal to install 5 GW (5,000 MW) of solar PV by 2020 - the equivalent of 2.5 million houses each with a 2kW system. With 5 GW installed in 2012 alone, however, China increased the target to 21 GW by 2015 – and then last week, it increased it further to 40 GW by 2015.

Alistair MacGregor

Candidate for Cowichan-Malahat-Langford

Party:  New Democratic Party of Canada

Website: https://alistairmacgregor.org


1. “Green” screen for federal infrastructure spending

Alyson Culbert


Candidate for Victoria

Party:  People's Party of Canada

Website: http://www.victoriappc.ca/candidate

1. “Green” screen for federal infrastructure spending

2019 Federal Election - Questions for Greater Victoria Area Candidates

BCSEA is asking all candidates in the Greater Victoria Area the following questions pertaining to their support of a transition to a sustainable energy future:

1. “Green” screen for federal infrastructure spending

2019 Federal Election - Greater Victoria Area

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

For the 2019 Federal Election, we are asking all the Greater Victoria Area candidates for their answers to these questions.

We will be adding answers for all who reply here (click on the candidate for their replies).