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Change the World

An introduction to climate change in 60 seconds

Royal Society helping you deny denialists...

The British Royal Academy, and the US National Academy of Science have teamed up to help explain climate change. Watch this great video and download the reports here!

Solar on a Strata ?

View from north side
Could we be the first one on Vancouver Island ?

Note: I wrote this page when we were just planning our PV system in the fall of 2014.

Swanson’s Law and Making US Solar Scale Like Germany

November 24, 2014
Can the U.S. halve the price of solar?

Swanson's law states that with every doubling in the production and shipments of solar PV panels, there has been a 20% reduction in their cost. By getting to scale, with solar installations becoming widespread and common, Germany has reduced the cost of installed solar to half of what it is in North America. So we can observe, learn, and do the same. 

Bloomberg Explores The Connected Home

November 28, 2014

Will we really be able to talk to our fridges? Will your hot water heater call you to ask when you're coming home? Here is an interview in which the Bloomberg New Energy Finance analyst Colin McKerracher sits down to explain the connected home.

BCSEA Victoria Chapter Speakers Series

2014 - 2015

BCSEA Victoria Chapter will be hosting a series of six talks on key energy issues facing Canada, including an all-candidates meeting.

Could BC Become a 100% Renewable Energy Region? Part 4

What Will It Take?

This is a personal essay of exploration,

not a formal statement of the BCSEA’s position.

During the first three parts in this series, I found that becoming a 100% renewable energy region is mostly possible, but when it comes to long-distance trucking, shipping and flying it will need some technological breakthroughs, supported by regional and international cooperation.

But so what? We could become an 80% or 90% renewable energy region on our own provincial efforts, and a government that chose to make it a priority could play a powerful leadership role in helping the world to tackle the larger problems that we’ll need to overcome to get to 100%.