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The Premier's Green Dreams

The surprising benefits of a good night's sleep

Dear Diary, 

OMG. Gordon Campbell, my predecessor as Premier of British Columbia, has been appearing in my dreams. Not once, but several times.

‘Anti-petroleum’ movement a growing security threat to Canada, RCMP say

IMAGE: Greenpeace activists hang a large banner off the Lions Gate bridge in Vancouver, B.C. Tuesday, May 29, 2012.

February 17, 2015
Globe and Mail

The RCMP has labelled the “anti-petroleum” movement as a growing and violent threat to Canada’s security, raising fears among environmentalists that they face increased surveillance, and possibly worse, under the Harper government’s new terrorism legislation.

In highly charged language that reflects the government’s hostility toward environmental activists, an RCMP intelligence assessment warns that foreign-funded groups are bent on blocking oil sands expansion and pipeline construction, and that the extremists in the movement are willing to resort to violence.

Is 'Net-Zero' Carbon Goal to Rescue the Climate Plausible?

February 27, 2015
InsideClimate News
Scientists and policy experts say the time has come to phase out carbon emissions entirely; Shell, Exxon and BP call it an unrealistic idea.

The new goal is "net zero"—and the sooner the better. Climate hawks say it should be met as early as 2050. Others see a few more decades of wiggle room, but they too emphasize the need for rapid action.

Are these ambitious targets at all plausible?

The Warming World: Is Capitalism Destroying Our Planet?

February 27, 2015


World leaders decided in Copenhagen that global warming should be limited to 2 degrees Celsius. Achieving that target, though, would take nothing less than a miracle. With another round of climate negotiations approaching, it is becoming increasingly clear that mankind has failed to address its most daunting problem.

A major piece of work from Spiegl, in Germany

Mr. Harper: Canada needs you to support electric vehicles

BCSEA’s Electric Vehicles Letter Writing Team is off to a fast start, with 50 and counting volunteers committing to write Prime Minister Harper and members of the government and opposition.

We are calling for the policies and support that Canada needs to cut its greenhouse gas emissions from transportation to zero by 2040.

And BCSEA has added its own voice:

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

Whisper These Words … Shovel-Ready Projects

Calling all municipal staff, councillors and regional district directors…

Are you ready? You never know when money might be available for a good project. It could be the spending fever that happens every February, just before the end of the financial year. It could be a foundation that decides to change its priorities, and make climate change or affordable housing a priority. Or it could be the next financial crash.

The 2040 Climate Imperative

Zero Emissions by 2040


The slides from a public presentation on The 2040 Imperative can be found on Slideshare

Part 1: The Complete Phase-out of Fossil Fuels in Canada by 2040

The mathematics of the climate crisis is easy to understand once you have the key numbers. And those numbers lead to some clear and compelling conclusions.

50 Shades of Electric Vehicles Policy


Nothing. It’s the building block of all mathematics, from which numbers begin.

It’s also the current state of federal policy on electric vehicles in Canada. The BCSEA wants to change that and start adding some numbers, and we are seeking fifty volunteers to help us do so.

BCSEA Kamloops brings Gil Peñalosa to CommUnity Innovation Lab - February 3-5, 2015

Gil Penalosa

Gil Peñalosa has a simple rule: If you create a city that’s good for an 8 year old and good for an 80 year old, you will create a successful city for everyone. This is an 8-80 City.  The Kamloops Chapter of the BC Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA) is thrilled to be sponsoring Gil Peñalosa’s visit to Kamloops as part of the CommUnity Innovation Lab (CIL) February 3-5, 2015. 

Message from the Mountain

December 2034: An Interview with the Mayor of Burnaby

Burnaby News, December 1st, 2034

Journalist: Mayor Julia Alexander, it is a privilege to be interviewing you here on the mountain on the 20th anniversary of the Burnaby Mountain arrests. As we all know, those days played an important part in subsequent events. Do you have any thoughts that you’d like to share?