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Dear Prospective Member of the BC Legislature,

Please, let’s not beat about the bush.

We know healthcare and education are important, and so are debt-repayment and many other things. But we’re all together on this one small planet, sharing our berths on the Good Ship Civilization, and as a direct result of the fuel we’ve been burning and other careless activities a god-almighty storm is bearing down on us, with the ability to toss our puny boat up in the air and down into the depths, wrecking everything we love and care about, from our children and grandchildren to our forests and food, our furry friends and our future.

Energy Connections 2017 - Closing the day with Session Four

A culmination of all of the day’s sessions, Session Four will take an inspiring spin on addressing the barriers that are limiting the potential of many small communities across BC. Beginning with a pragmatic approach to the reality of limited finances and collective will, our panel of esteemed speakers will demonstrate the current avenues and opportunities to bring about change in your community.

Groups support low income electricity rates

BCSEA and Sierra Club BC endorsed a package of measures designed to help low-income customers of BC Hydro, in a BC utilities commission proceeding in October. The two groups threw their weight behind the BC Old Age Pensioners Organization (BCOAPO) and other groups represented by the BC Public Interest Advocacy Centre (BC PIAC) who are asking the commission to assist the hundreds of thousands of BC men, women and children who are struggling to cope with the high and rising costs of electricity service from BC Hydro.

Moving Forwards from BC’s Climate (lack of) Leadership Plan

Climate leadership can take on many roles: it involves setting realistic targets rooted in scientific principles, developing an effective plan to achieve those objectives, and perhaps most important of all, inspiring citizens to take meaningful climate action.

Climate leadership can be carried out at different scales; most notably governments should be responsible for leading by example, therefore encouraging citizens to follow along their footsteps.

Your Answers to The Big Questions

Last week, we posed thirteen ‘Big Questions’ relating to the future of sustainable energy in Canada and the world. And boy, did you respond!

Ottawa tax break boosts B.C. LNG

Stephen Harper makes an announcement regarding tax cuts for LNG projects at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Surrey, B.C., on Thursday February 19, 2015.

February 19, 2015
Vancouver Sun

A federal government tax break to the liquefied natural gas industry announced Thursday was extolled by industry and Premier Christy Clark as making B.C. more competitive globally.

The federal tax break will last until 2024, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced at a news conference in Surrey.

The break will save the industry a total of about $50 million over five years starting in 2015-16, but savings are expected to increase in later years if the industry grows as expected, said a federal government spokesperson.

The Five Most Important Climate Solutions for City Councils in BC

1. Make a Sustainable Transportation Commitment

to aim for zero-carbon local transportation by creating ‘complete streets’ designed for all users, walkable neighbourhoods, and a world-class cycling environment; and by adopting world-class policies for transportation demand management, transit, ride-sharing, car-sharing, electric vehicles and freight.

There are great examples of pedestrian streets and centres in Europe. In Copenhagen, 36% of commute and school trips are made by bike; Bogota and Curitiba have shown the way for bus rapid transport; San Diego is showing the way for electric vehicles.

Kamloops Candidates: Thoughts on BC's Energy Future

May 12 Update:

We have the results of our election project now. The BCSEA Kamloops Chapter sent four energy-related questions to the MLA candidates on April 11. As of our deadline May 8, we had responses from Brian Alexander, Peter Sharp and Terry Lake, and today we have a late response from Kathy Kendall which is also posted below. Many thanks to these four candidates! We're very glad to have a response from each of the parties running locally.

Comments and Resources re Kamloops Downtown Parking

These comments are made on behalf of the BC Sustainable Energy Association, Kamloops Chapter Steering Committee.   We're responding to the February 13, 2013 report “Parking Equipment and Technology” to the Kamloops City Council, recommending new technology and higher parking rates to address parking problems in the Kamloops downtown core.

Catch an Incentive #2

There’s still a danger that the government may scrap the current LiveSmart BC program, which ends on March 31st 2013. We’re hoping not, and many of you have already written to urge them not to.