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The Five Most Discouraging and Encouraging Climate Stories of the Month

 The Five Most Discouraging Climate Stories of the Month

Kamloops Candidates: Thoughts on BC's Energy Future

May 12 Update:

We have the results of our election project now. The BCSEA Kamloops Chapter sent four energy-related questions to the MLA candidates on April 11. As of our deadline May 8, we had responses from Brian Alexander, Peter Sharp and Terry Lake, and today we have a late response from Kathy Kendall which is also posted below. Many thanks to these four candidates! We're very glad to have a response from each of the parties running locally.

Even France Can Go 100% Renewables

March 11, 2013
Clean Technica

 For the nuclear industry and the pro-nuclear lobby, France is held out as the text book model of how an energy system should work: More than 70 per cent of electricity needs supplied by nuclear, relatively cheap electricity for customers, investment in the next generation technology.


BCSEA Vancouver Film Screening With Langara College

On Thursday, February 28, 2013, the BC Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA) Vancouver chapter and the Langara College Department of Physics and Astronomy will be showing The Fourth Revolution: Energy Autonomy (2010), a documentary film based on the ideas of renewable energy proponent Hermann Scheer.

Can You Help the BCSEA?

We're a small organization with a big heart and even bigger ambitions, and we value your help.

Q: What is your driving concern as an organization?

A: The storm clouds of global climate change, which will wreak havoc on our world if we don't accelerate the proven sustainable solutions for transport, buildings, electricity, forestry and farming fast enough.

Q: What are you doing on the ground here in BC, to make a difference?

A: A lot...


How are we supposed to keep up with the tidal wave of information that comes our way every day?

My daily favorites are the BBC, Guardian and Independent, from the UK; Spiegel (English edition, from Germany); and the Huffington Post. For most of these, I usually click on ‘Green’ or ‘environment. I supplement them with <a href="www.grist.org>Grist</a>, <a data-cke-saved-href=" http:="" cleantechnica.com="" "="">Clean Technica, Smart Planet, and Climate Progress. My favorite weekly magazine is New Scientist. And still the great stories keep coming, so I also have Google News set up with my favorite search terms, such as ‘solar’, ‘climate change’ … and ‘BCSEA’.

BC’s Provincial Election Beckons – What Are Your Top Priorities?

What if we thought that the coming provincial election next May was the most important event of the decade – and it was absolutely critical to elect a government that was committed to the smartest, greenest, most sustainable policies possible, that could turn the words “economic development” into “Earth-harmonious development.”

What kind of policies would we want if that were so? Because surely, it is so, when you read even that briefest of summaries - from the World Bank, of all things, which has never been known as a signed up greenie.