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BC’s Climate Leadership Plan: cute graphics; no plan

The Ministry of Environment graphics department has done its best. Cute silhouette graphics show how turtles, hikers and bunnies can happily coexist with helicopters, factories and container ships. Photos of eagles and green forests reinforce the bright and cheery prose.

BCUC Fortis Net Metering Update: Profit's not the priority

In June, we described Fortis electric’s application to the Utilities Commission for permission to change its net metering tariff, including slashing the rate Fortis pays customers for year-end credit balances.

BCSEA's Climate Leadership Plan Recommendations

BCSEA's 5 recommendations for a strong Climate Leadership Plan

BCSEA's recommendations ensure a government that is committed to combatting climate change, one that revives B.C.'s status as a Climate Leader. We urge British Columbians to give their input. The Government has extended the deadline for public consultation until noon on April 8th.

Give the B.C. Government your input by clicking here.


Renewable natural gas program examined by utilities commission

BC Sustainable Energy Association and Sierra Club BC having been weighing in on the future of FortisBC Energy Inc.’s Renewable Natural Gas program at the BC utilities commission. Renewable natural gas is a non-fossil fuel alternative to fossil-fuel natural gas that FEI customers can voluntarily purchase. In this article I’ll explain how the renewable natural program works, and then highlight the debate at the utilities commission.

Ottawa tax break boosts B.C. LNG

Stephen Harper makes an announcement regarding tax cuts for LNG projects at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Surrey, B.C., on Thursday February 19, 2015.

February 19, 2015
Vancouver Sun

A federal government tax break to the liquefied natural gas industry announced Thursday was extolled by industry and Premier Christy Clark as making B.C. more competitive globally.

The federal tax break will last until 2024, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced at a news conference in Surrey.

The break will save the industry a total of about $50 million over five years starting in 2015-16, but savings are expected to increase in later years if the industry grows as expected, said a federal government spokesperson.

LNG revenue windfall absent from BC's budget three-year projections

IMAGE: A model shows the proposed LNG liquification plant in Kitimat

February 17, 2015
Vancouver Sun
Liberals said they had expected revenues to begin flowing by 2017

Gone is any expectation in the 2015 budget of a near to medium-term revenue windfall from the development of a liquefied natural gas export industry in British Columbia.

In fact, revenues, through royalties, from the province's existing North American natural gas industry are expected to be lower over the next three years because of falling prices.


Kamloops Candidates: Thoughts on BC's Energy Future

May 12 Update:

We have the results of our election project now. The BCSEA Kamloops Chapter sent four energy-related questions to the MLA candidates on April 11. As of our deadline May 8, we had responses from Brian Alexander, Peter Sharp and Terry Lake, and today we have a late response from Kathy Kendall which is also posted below. Many thanks to these four candidates! We're very glad to have a response from each of the parties running locally.

The Cost of Exporting Liquid Natural Gas

November 30, 2012
David Suzuki Foundation

 Great infographic. Click below to see it.