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Climate Change

BC’s Provincial Election Beckons – What Are Your Top Priorities?

What if we thought that the coming provincial election next May was the most important event of the decade – and it was absolutely critical to elect a government that was committed to the smartest, greenest, most sustainable policies possible, that could turn the words “economic development” into “Earth-harmonious development.”

What kind of policies would we want if that were so? Because surely, it is so, when you read even that briefest of summaries - from the World Bank, of all things, which has never been known as a signed up greenie.

The World Beckons - Another Daunting Report on the Danger of Global Warming

 These big reports arrive regularly, but that’s no reason to ignore them. This time it’s from the World Bank, with a major report Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4°C Warmer World Must be Avoided