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The Pacific Coast Climate Agreement: West Coast Progress

At the end of October, Christy Clark, BC’s Premier, signed a high profile agreement with the Governors of Washington, Oregon and California in which the four leaders make a strong and clear commitment to lead national and international policy on climate change. (1)

So what was in the agreement?

Low Carbon Fuel - Where's it Going?

Brady Irwin is a research analyst for Whole Energy Fuels Corp, a provider of support and distribution services for biodiesel and biofuel producers in Washington, Oregon, California, and British Columbia since 2006. See whole-energy.com

In the fall of 2013 the governors of Washington, Oregon and California, along with the Premier of British Columbia, gathered to sign the Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy.

This event has laid the groundwork for the establishment of a Pacific Coast Collaborative climate policy, a set of harmonious regional policies for fuel and energy greenhouse gas mitigation for western North America. The Action Plan can be viewed in full here.