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Comments and Resources re Kamloops Downtown Parking

These comments are made on behalf of the BC Sustainable Energy Association, Kamloops Chapter Steering Committee.   We're responding to the February 13, 2013 report “Parking Equipment and Technology” to the Kamloops City Council, recommending new technology and higher parking rates to address parking problems in the Kamloops downtown core.

Solar Energy & Sustainability in the South American Rainforest

On November 23, 2012, BCSEA Vancouver hosted guest speaker Edward Suzin at the Railway Club on 579 Dunsmuir Street, to speak about his experiences developing and installing free-standing solar panels in the remote areas of the South American rainforest. Edward highlighted the difficulties in accessing these rural locations, and the ways in which solar powered lighting transformed people's lives.

Sitching for Sustainability

Renate Sitch is Program Manager of the BCSEA's Climate Change Showdown. As of February 1st she also has a new job, as our Director of Stakeholder Mobilization. I sat down with Renate for this short e-chat: 

Guy: Renate, as our new Director of Stakeholder Mobilization, what will your top priorities be?

Catch an Incentive #2

There’s still a danger that the government may scrap the current LiveSmart BC program, which ends on March 31st 2013. We’re hoping not, and many of you have already written to urge them not to.

So, what's all the fuss about 'smart' meters?

Do you wonder why 'smart' electricity meters are called 'smart'? Do you wonder what is going on with smart meters in BC?

Smart (or advanced) meters are the latest in exciting high-tech electronics. In the last three or four years, utilities across North America have suddenly started installing millions of them.

Can You Help the BCSEA?

We're a small organization with a big heart and even bigger ambitions, and we value your help.

Q: What is your driving concern as an organization?

A: The storm clouds of global climate change, which will wreak havoc on our world if we don't accelerate the proven sustainable solutions for transport, buildings, electricity, forestry and farming fast enough.

Q: What are you doing on the ground here in BC, to make a difference?

A: A lot...