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Solar on a Strata - Three Months In

System Running, Exceeding Expectations

Note: This is one more entry in the 'Solar on a Strata' blog series

Our system was installed and turned on in test mode on June 11, 2015, and has beeen producing power since. 


As far as I can tell, the system has run without any interruptions except for a couple of hours when the electricians were on the roof installing the permanent fasteners. In the words any engineer likes to hear - 'It Just Works'. 

Solar on a Strata - Join Us ?

Electrician connecting the solar panels
What you can learn from our solar panel project

Note: This is one more chapter in the blog series Solar on a Strata?

There are dozens of older residential buildings in Victoria with flat, unshaded roofs just as suitable for solar panels as Central Park Strata. If you own a condominium unit in one of these, or the whole rental building - you could do it too.

Solar on a Strata - Our Vote

Proposal passes 3/4 vote

This is a continuation of the story in Solar on a Strata ?

As planned, our strata Annual General Meeting was on February 25. We had just enough owners and proxies for a quorum under our bylaws - 22. Half of the meeting was quite routine - review of the budget, some small extra expenditures on paint, plumbing, and an asbestos report. The big topic was the Solar on a Strata proposal.

My goal with this blog is to provide a 'road map' for other stratas, so I'm going to go into the details here.

Solar on a Strata - Jan 29 Update

Looking to the AGM

This is a continuation of the story in Solar on a Strata ?

Solar on a Strata ?

View from north side
Could we be the first one on Vancouver Island ?

Note: I wrote this page when we were just planning our PV system in the fall of 2014.