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Pedal-powered cars eyed for Vancouver

December 2, 2014
Jane Deacon, 24-Hours Vancouver

VeloMetro is a lightweight pedal-powered car, with electric drive and an energy-recovery brake system to help on hills and longer distances.

It's a cross between an electric bicycle and a smart car, powered and steered like a bicycle on three wheels.

The specs allow for trips up to 100 kilometres and up to 32 km/h, travelling on city roads the same way bikes do.

Swanson’s Law and Making US Solar Scale Like Germany

November 24, 2014
Can the U.S. halve the price of solar?

Swanson's law states that with every doubling in the production and shipments of solar PV panels, there has been a 20% reduction in their cost. By getting to scale, with solar installations becoming widespread and common, Germany has reduced the cost of installed solar to half of what it is in North America. So we can observe, learn, and do the same. 

America Could Get 10 Percent Of Its Energy From Solar Power By 2030

November 20, 2014
Climate Progress

Today, America gets 0.23% of its electricity from solar PV. By 2030, it could be getting 10%. 

Amazing? Not if solar PV continues to grow in installed capacity at the current 22% a year, driven by rapidly falling prices.