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Message from the BCSEA's Board Chair - Jonathan Ho

As I'm sure you've heard from multiple directions, 2020 has been challenging like no other year in recent memory.  From Energy Connections to WISE, from our BCUC participation to the Cool It! Climate Leadership program, there is nothing the BCSEA does that hasn't been impacted by Covid-19. Despite the challenges, we have dedicated and engaged staff, volunteers, members, and sponsors who have pivoted to the new normal.  

BCUC Allows Subsidy of High-Carbon Propane in Revelstoke

Disappointingly, in early October the BCUC approved FortisBC Gas’s request to have its approximately 1,030,000 natural gas customers subsidize propane rates for the approximately 1,500 residential and commercial piped-propane customers in Revelstoke.

That Startup Feeling

That Startup Feeling.

Founders of early startups have to juggle a lot of things to keep their cleantech project moving forward. At times, it might feel like you’re overwhelmed, missing something important, or need help, but can’t say where.

BCUC Grapples with Fast-Charging Rates

The BC Utilities Commission is now grappling with the rates that a public utility is allowed to charge EV drivers at public fast-charging stations. First up is the FortisBC utility that provides electricity to customers in south-central BC. Next will be BC Hydro.

BCUC Approves New Rate to Boost Electricity Load

On October 14, 2020, the BC Utilities Commission approved a new optional rate pilot program designed to incent large customers to increase their consumption of clean electricity.

EN4S Help Desk. Let us help you!

We are a group of volunteers from the BCSEA and we want to be your sustainability solution advocates!

BC Sustainable Energy Association – 2020 BC General Election

Key energy policies for BC’s electric utilities

The following are three recommendations for government policies to advance BC’s electric utilities’ (mainly BC Hydro, but including FortisBC) support for climate action and BC’s transition to a sustainable energy future.

We invite our members to listen for commitments to these policies from candidates and parties in the current election campaign.

BCSEA – Victoria Chapter – 2020 BC general election

October 9, 2020
Tom Hackney, Policy Advisor for BCSEA

Many of BC’s political leaders are already talking about promoting renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions.

An important next step in this election is to get clearer policies from candidates to decarbonize our energy use, with specific commitments for the next four years.

The Victoria Chapter has teamed up with For Our Kids, For Our Grandkids, and Parents 4 Climate to send five questions to local candidates:

BC Hydro’s Customer Crisis Fund at Risk of Folding

BC Hydro has just recommended to the Utilities Commission that its Customer Crisis Fund (CCF) Pilot Program should not continue beyond its default end date in April 2021.

Implemented in May 2018, Hydro’s CCF Pilot Project gives small grants to BC Hydro customers who face disconnection for arrears in their electricity bills.

BC Hydro’s Clean Power 2040 call for public input

Have your say on BC Hydro's long term planning

BCSEA recommends that anyone interested in climate action or renewable energy should get involved in BC Hydro’s public consultations leading up to their long term (20-year) resource plan. There are a couple of reasons for this.