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Sitching for Sustainability

Renate Sitch is Program Manager of the BCSEA's Climate Change Showdown. As of February 1st she also has a new job, as our Director of Stakeholder Mobilization. I sat down with Renate for this short e-chat: 

Guy: Renate, as our new Director of Stakeholder Mobilization, what will your top priorities be?

Sailing into the future of global trade?

December 28, 2012
BBC News, Fiona Graham

 "We wanted to keep the energy that the producers had already put in the wine, and not break the chain. And, I'm telling you... this wine just tasted amazing."


Global Power Shift, June 2013

 On June 10-17th 2013, young leaders will converge in Istanbul, Turkey for a landmark gathering. 500 grassroots climate activists and leaders from around the world will meet, train, share skills and stories, and prepare for the next phase of the global climate movement.

After leaving Turkey, they will fan out across the world to catalyze powerful national movements calling for bold climate action. Through a series of national summits and trainings, they will unleash a new wave of climate activism.

Let Fossil Fuels Die

It’s blunt language, but we really mean it. We’ve simply got to end our civilization’s addiction to fossil fuels. We’ve got to leave them in the ground, and accelerate the switch to clean, safe, climate-friendly renewable energy.

Solar panels are getting cheaper — time to make the rest of solar power cheap, too

December 1, 2012
Grist, by David Roberts

 The installed cost of solar photovoltaic (PV) power continues its precipitous decline, mostly due to falling prices for PV panels.

The Cost of Exporting Liquid Natural Gas

November 30, 2012
David Suzuki Foundation

 Great infographic. Click below to see it.


How are we supposed to keep up with the tidal wave of information that comes our way every day?

My daily favorites are the BBC, Guardian and Independent, from the UK; Spiegel (English edition, from Germany); and the Huffington Post. For most of these, I usually click on ‘Green’ or ‘environment. I supplement them with <a href="www.grist.org>Grist</a>, <a data-cke-saved-href=" http:="" cleantechnica.com="" "="">Clean Technica, Smart Planet, and Climate Progress. My favorite weekly magazine is New Scientist. And still the great stories keep coming, so I also have Google News set up with my favorite search terms, such as ‘solar’, ‘climate change’ … and ‘BCSEA’.

BC’s Provincial Election Beckons – What Are Your Top Priorities?

What if we thought that the coming provincial election next May was the most important event of the decade – and it was absolutely critical to elect a government that was committed to the smartest, greenest, most sustainable policies possible, that could turn the words “economic development” into “Earth-harmonious development.”

What kind of policies would we want if that were so? Because surely, it is so, when you read even that briefest of summaries - from the World Bank, of all things, which has never been known as a signed up greenie.

The World Beckons - Another Daunting Report on the Danger of Global Warming

 These big reports arrive regularly, but that’s no reason to ignore them. This time it’s from the World Bank, with a major report Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4°C Warmer World Must be Avoided