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Kamloops Chapter

In July, two of the Kamloops steering committee members attended EV Ready, a virtual workshop hosted by the City of Kamloops Sustainability Department.  The meeting was initiated as a first step to implement the 8 Big Moves identified in the recently adopted Community Climate Action Plan.  The objective was to bring city planners, department leads, and vested community representatives such as developers, realtors, contractors, building managers, and climate activists t

Victoria Chapter

The Victoria Chapter is pleased to welcome our new Steering Committee member, Kira Gill-Maher!  Kira has been involved with our Chapter for a while reviving our Chapter’s Instagram page.  She has recently graduated from Vancouver Island University’s Master of Community Planning program and is currently working in the field of local government climate action.  Welcome, Kira!

Update on BCSEA's Victoria Chapter

The Victoria Chapter’s activities are still scaled down due to the Covid 19 pandemic.  With our vaccination program and reopening plans, we’re hoping to start more actively engaging in local in-person activities.  On that front, the organizers of the Victoria Home Show have now scheduled it to take place on October 15th to 17th at the West Shore Rec Centre.  If that does indeed occur, the Victoria Chapter will likely take part so stay tuned for more news.

PNG’s Western Pipeline Reactivation and a Budding New LNG Industry

Pacific Northern Gas Ltd. (PNG) has applied for BCUC approval to reactivate and recommission parts of its Western Transmission Gas System (WTGS) to serve new load from two LNG businesses.

Tilbury LNG Storage Expansion: Fortis’s case for system “resiliency”

FortisBC Energy Inc. (FEI) has just applied to the Utilities Commission for permission to build a new 3 billion cubic foot (85 million cubic metre) LNG storage facility on Tilbury Island, tripling its LNG storage capacity at that site (see FEI’s application and workshop presentation).

City of Kamloops - Curbside Organic Waste Collection

City of Kamloops

Kamloops City Council decided in November to pursue a curbside organic waste collection program in a phased approach, pending approval of grants.  We here at BCSEA were happy to help out recently with a letter supporting one of the City’s funding applications. Good luck with that!  We know how many Kamloops residents are eager to have a curbside organics program.


January 21, 2021 

Dear: Grant Adjudicators 

Re: CleanBC’s Organic Infrastructure and Collection Program, Residential Curbside  Collection Stream 

Message from the BCSEA's Board Chair - Jonathan Ho

As I'm sure you've heard from multiple directions, 2020 has been challenging like no other year in recent memory.  From Energy Connections to WISE, from our BCUC participation to the Cool It! Climate Leadership program, there is nothing the BCSEA does that hasn't been impacted by Covid-19. Despite the challenges, we have dedicated and engaged staff, volunteers, members, and sponsors who have pivoted to the new normal.  

Competing Visions for BC's Low Carbon Energy Future

What is the best way for British Columbia to achieve a low carbon energy future?

BCSEA strongly supports low carbon electrification, i.e. switching away from fossil fuels to BC’s almost-GHG-free electricity. BCSEA has called on the government to empower BC Hydro to lead in low carbon electrification in BC.[1]

But we don’t claim to know for certain what the best pathway would be. There are many trade-offs to be made between technologies regarding their costs and their effectiveness to reduce emissions while meeting our energy needs.