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Your Answers to The Big Questions

Last week, we posed thirteen ‘Big Questions’ relating to the future of sustainable energy in Canada and the world. And boy, did you respond!

50 Shades of Electric Vehicles Policy


Nothing. It’s the building block of all mathematics, from which numbers begin.

It’s also the current state of federal policy on electric vehicles in Canada. The BCSEA wants to change that and start adding some numbers, and we are seeking fifty volunteers to help us do so.

The Elephant in Transportation’s Living Room

An urgent call for engagement

Heads up! This is an urgent call for submissions to the Province’s 10-Year Transportation Plan, for which the deadline is in two days, on Friday December 12th, at 4pm.

The Ministry is actively seeking our engagement. The website is engage.gov.bc.ca/transportationplan but before you go there, consider these facts: