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Entrepreneurs For Sustainability (EN4S)

A blog series by Karina Jorgensen-Fullam – Content Champion, EN4S Team

"Entreprenuers For Sustainability" or "EN4S" (read Enforce) is a BCSEA Vancouver program to connect local resources with professionals who aim to establish sustainable energy initiatives. Follow Karina's journey as a member of the EN4S team in this blog series.

You can find more information about EN4S at EN4S.BCSEA.org



EN4S: One may wonder why

October 10, 2019
BCSEA Vancouver Chapter

You’ve heard me talk about unicorns, and about our upcoming event EN4S, but what you might not know yet is why all of this is so important. You might be wondering what made us, an association concerned with the environment and sustainability, decide to combine our own interests with those of local small businesses and entrepreneurs for our month-long sustainable energy centered entrepreneurship themed event. Well, highlighting some important details about our community will hopefully clarify that. 

Saving BC Unicorns, This Time For Real

June 4, 2019
BCSEA Vancouver Chapter

Hi, I’m Karina, a somewhat shy but nonetheless enthusiastic high school student passionate about the environment. I’ve felt drawn to nature,and preserving it, my whole life. When I was in the first grade I found out that a forest near my house was going to be cut down to allow for the development of townhomes. To stop this frightening act, myself and my closest friends decided we would dress up as woodland creatures, make signs, and go to the build site for a protest. I chose to dress as my favorite woodland creature: a unicorn.


May 8, 2019
BCSEA Vancouver Chapter

Less than a year ago, in October of 2018, the BCSEA Vancouver Chapter gathered together 30 aspiring entrepreneurs for an event titled “HallowHacks” to find solutions to the sustainable energy challenges of today’s world. This two-day long team competition featured loud brainstorming sessions, resourceful mentors, top-tier competition judges, good food to fuel the brains, and of course, fabulous prizes to be won.