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A sustainable energy education will help you build a brighter future. We can help you get started on an exciting and rewarding career path.

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Here are is a detailed listing of university programs, graduate and undergraduate, with a focus on sustainable energy, or research interests in sustainable energy:

The Green Economy Career and Training Programs: www.bcsea.org/green-economy

The University of Victoria, Institute for Integrated Energy Systems – promotes feasible paths to sustainable energy systems by developing new technologies and perspectives to overcome barriers to the widespread adoption of sustainable energy. Founded in 1989, IESVic conducts original research to develop key technologies for sustainable energy systems and actively promotes the development of sensible, clean energy alternatives.

York University, Faculty of Environmental Studies – a multi-disciplinary approach to environmental education. Professor Rob Macdonald teaches a course in sustainable energy and advises graduate students interested in this field.

Simon Fraser University, School of Resource and Environmental Management – Energy and Materials Research Group – a research arm of the REM program that takes a limited number of graduate students.

University of British Columbia, Resource Management and Environmental Studies (RMES) – the graduate program associated with the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability. Professor Hadi Dowlatabadi has research interests in sustainable energy.

University of British Columbia, Clean Energy Research Centre - a multi-disciplinary centre with faculty and researchers from mechanical engineering, chemical and biological engineering, and metals and materials engineering. CERC provides state-of-the-art research facilities for the exploration of clean energy technology.

University of Waterloo, Faculty of Environmental Studies – graduate and undergraduate courses in a range of related disciplines. Professor Ian Rowlands has research interests in sustainable energy.

University of Otago, Energy Studies Programme (Dunedin, New Zealand) - The Energy Studies Programme at the University of Otago offers several degree courses including a Bachelor of Science in Energy Studies and the Bachelor of Applied Science in Energy Management, as well as postgraduate qualifications.

University of Murdoch, Energy Studies Programme (Perth, Australia) - Murdoch University offers programmes of study in Energy Studies, Nanoscience and Physics and in at the Bachelor, Postgraduate Diploma and Masters levels, as well as research opportunities leading to Honours, Masters and PhD degrees.

Renewable Energy (Association of Canadian Community Colleges)