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Solar on a Strata - Installation

Bruce Mackenzie
Thursday, June 11, 2015
Panels are in place and being wired up
Solar Inverter
Gary Dawson programming the inverter

Note: this is just one chapter in Solar on a Strata?

The solar panels were lifted onto the roof by crane on May 28, and the mounting brackets, ballast, wires, wind deflectors, etc. lifted up through our roof hatch since then.

Connections and wiring are mostly done, and testing is underway as I write this, with one reading of 11,129 watts under bright sunshine at 1:30 PM June 11. It's wonderful to actually see it in place and running after these months of discussion, design and planning.

My next blog entry will be information for others to follow us. I'm working on a big document (18 pages so far) and a template spreadsheet.

Contact me at bmackenzie@bcsea.org

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