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We are experienced engineers driven by a passion for the transformative power of sustainable energy. We provide technical leadership to developers, operators and innovators in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. We act as your trusted in-house advisors, or external specialists to deliver success for your projects.

Our drive to lead energy sustainability is our fundamental reason for existence. We take ownership of our commitments to clients, and pride ourselves on delivering excellence and innovation. We bring a dedication to sustainability, aiming to leave the world better than we found it and refusing to compromise on our ethics.

The industrial revolution unlocked the energy potential of coal, oil and natural gas, resulting in vast improvements in worldwide standard of living. However, our dependence on fossil fuels is causing changes to our climate, and increased energy security risks.

It is our belief that overcoming these challenges will result in a transformational change in our approach to energy in our generation - nothing short of an Energy Revolution. We aim to be a technical leader in this Energy Revolution by spearheading reductions in energy use (Energy Efficiency) as well as transitions to cleaner sources of energy (Renewable Energy).

We focus our services on the “big picture” of energy sustainability, providing project management and engineering during the development, implementation and commissioning phases of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. We are technology and solution neutral, so you can trust that we are providing impartial advice. Our goal is to identify the best opportunities and deliver the most cost effective results for clients, whether they be private sector owners and developers, technology innovators, municipalities, communities, utilities or public agencies.

Michael Pullinger

Ph.: (604) 800-7794