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Increase Fuel Economy

eco-Options provides a proven system to increase fuel economy, with no money down, that burns clean fuel greatly reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

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Drive Cleaner Vehicles

with Green Alternative Fuel Conversions

eco-Options mobilizes, motivates and engages everyone who drives a vehicle, surely one of the bigger energy users and cost-centres in our daily lives. Bringing together alternative fuels, conversion equipment, financing and management tools, eco-Options helps you become more energy-effective, reduce driving costs and:

  • Save fuel costs and emissions every kilometer you drive;

  • Measure and record your actual operating results;

  • Grow and multiply your savings with an accumulating investment; and

  • Learn cooperatively to create a meaningful, increasing impact on your community and future.

  • Our members accomplish their goals by working with eco-Options to ‘plan, track results and adapt/improve by doing’.

Ph.: (604) 630-9414