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Ridesharing and Carpooling


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How Does It Work?

What Does It Cost?

Is There One Near Me?

How Do I Start a Carpool?

What is Real-Time Ridesharing?

Social and Environmental Benefits

Personal Benefits

Best Policies

The Future of Ride Sharing


Ride Sharing in BC

Kijiji (click rideshare) 


Kootenay Carshare Cooperative

UNBC Carpooling 

UVic Ridesharing 

Vancouver Employees Rideshare 

VIU and Nanaimo Ridesharing 

VIU Carpooling 

Other Ridesharing Websites



Share Your Ride 


Ridesharing - The Big Picture

Carpooling and Vanpooling TDM Encyclopedia 

Join or Start a Rideshare 

8 Whys for Regulating Commercial Ridesharing and Other Passenger Transportation 

Will Ridesharing Apps Replace Car Ownership? (Forbes, 2012) 


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