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Renewable energy boom underestimated by nearly all

Renewable energy is growing beyond all but the most optimistic of projections. But is it growing fast enough to have any effect?

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Sophie Vorrath
REnew Economy
Cumulative installed solar PV capacity: Global
Cumulative installed solar PV capacity: Global

The coming of the renewable energy revolution has long been heralded by many of the world’s energy market authorities, and as solar and wind energy capacity is installed at record rates, these predictions seem to be being borne out.

But a new infographic published by Meister Consultants Group has shown that almost all of these expert predictions have vastly underestimated the scale at which the renewable energy revolution would happen.

...out of a number of predictions made by authorities including the IEA and the US Energy Information Administration over the past 15 years, only the most aggressive growth projections, such as Greenpeace’s Energy [R]evolution scenarios, have been even close to accurate on the actual scale of growth in installed solar and wind power.

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