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October 2016 - BCSEA Monthly


Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater: BCSEA pushes for better net metering rules

‘Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater,’ BCSEA and Sierra Club BC told the BC utilities commission in a late September argument on FortisBC’s electricity net metering program.
FortisBC wants approval to ban net metering customers from having generating equipment big enough to regularly generate an annual surplus of net energy. 


BCSEA and Sierra Club told the regulator that an annual net surplus is not a problem. In fact, they said, it is highly desirable, assuming the price is reasonable and the equipment is below the maximum 50 kW generator size.

Under net metering, FortisBC’s residential and commercial customers can use their own on-site generation equipment, such as solar photovoltaic panels, to first meet their own electricity load and then put excess power onto the grid (e.g. when the sun is shining) or take power from the grid when they need it (e.g., when it’s dark outside).

As of April 2016, there were 86 participants in FortisBC’s net metering program and the number is rapidly rising. Only six to eight participants have generating equipment that routinely produces more power on a yearly basis than the customer consumes. However, FortisBC became concerned that a quirk in its net metering rules could lure a flood of new net metering customers with extra large generators...

This is will be the final installment in this series on FortisBC's net metering proceedings, before the final decision is made later this fall. Read the full article here and stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!


The BCSEA Kamloops Chapter seeks volunteers for its Steering Committee

BCSEA Kamloops is looking for two or three volunteers to join its steering committee!

BCSEA is a provincial organization, but each chapter is semi-autonomous, choosing its own activities and managing its own funds. The steering committee is the decision-making and organizing group for the local chapter. They are volunteers who work together to organize events and initiatives in Kamloops and spread the message of a renewable energy future, reduced dependence on fossil fuels and the urgency of climate change.

The chapter's activities range from hosting speakers, films and tours, advocating for alternative transportation options and a more livable, walkable city and promotions featuring electric vehicles and solar energy. The BCSEA Kamloops Chapter are a well-known voice for energy sustainability in Kamloops and have been active for over 10 years.

No specific skills or experience are needed, but you should share the vision of a clean, renewable energy future and be willing to work as part of a team. Applicants need to be a member of the BCSEA in good standing, but if you're not a member currently it's easy to sign up online. Term length is one year and you're welcome to serve for multiple years!

Interested? Read more about the exciting opportunities here.


Solar West Contest Winners!

Last month, BCSEA offered its members the opportunity to win a $1,000 ticket to Solar West, Western Canada's key solar event. 

BCSEA is very happy to announce the contest's winners; Jason Hall of Aduro Solar and Michael Pullinger of Energy Revolution Services!

Congratulations to Jason and Michael. BCSEA hopes the conference proves to be an exciting and beneficial experience for both of them. Thank you to everyone who took part in the contest and best of luck next time!

If you're interested in receiving offers such as these, on top of a host of other benefits and discounts, consider joining the BCSEA as a member!



From the Blog

Solar on a Strata - It's Just Routine!

After the initial set up, running a strata-wide solar system isn't all that difficult! Take a look at the routine of BCSEA member Bruce Mackenzie, and learn about the green successes and trials of maintaining a large solar system. 

Read the full article here!


WANTED: Sustainable Energy Ideas

The BCSEA Kamloops Chapter seeks submissions from the public for a free public exhibition at the Kamloops Art Gallery. The Everyday Sustainable Energy Superheroes Exhibition will showcase works of art, imagery, written works and short films for two months, from January 14, 2017 to March 18 in the free BMO Open Gallery. The deadline for submissions is October 27, 2016, so get yours in quick!

Want to show off your creativity, and inspire?
Click here to learn how!





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BCSEA Featured Member

EcoEnergy was established in Maple Ridge, BC to Provide and Service an array of Industries in Electrical, Marine, and HVAC. 
The Division Technical Teams at EcoEnergy have extensive experience and great client relations. We pride ourselves on workmanship and knowledge to complete a project right and see it through!
EcoEnergy provides an excellent Service/Maintenance Team to work all problems into solutions and maintain a healthy relationship with our clients and their system.


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