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November 2016 - BCSEA Monthly


BCSEA Victoria Chapter's THE BIG TOWN HALL: Full to the Brim!

On Saturday October 29th, the BCSEA Victoria Chapter hosted 'THE BIG TOWN HALL: Saanich: Pathway to 100% Renewable Energy', together with partners Sierra Club BC and SFU Renewable Cities.

And it was just that; BIG!

Big energy, as members of the public, politicians and specialists all convened to discuss the future of Saanich. Big attendance, with over 135 attendees clustered together around tables listening to experts and putting their minds to work on how Saanich could accomplish the goal of 100% renewable energy. And, ultimately, HUGE hope as ideas were brought forward, given nurturance and allowed to blossom into potentially viable solutions.


At this Town Hall, we began the most crucial first step in convincing Saanich to adopt a 100% RE policy with the mobilization of public officials and the general public. 


Read more about the exciting afternoon of inspiration and education in the full article here. You can also watch the panel on Shaw Cable (details inside the article) and on the BCSEA Youtube channel soon!


Solar Heat Pumps: The Key to Zero Energy Homes? - BCSEA's next exciting webinar!

Join BCSEA for the next webinar in its exciting free series, Solar Heat Pumps: The Key to Zero Energy Homes?, on November 22nd from 12 - 1pm PST. Click here to register! 

In our previous two webinars, we learned about the growing solar industry in BC, changes in solar PV technology and how it's possible to reduce your electricity bill through solar power and net metering. Whether it is solar shingles or solar compasses, solar PV technology is finding applicability in a range of imaginative new areas.

Here to shed some light on one of the lesser known, but no-less innovative areas of solar integration, is Bruce Gray, Technical Director of the Canadian Solar Heat Pump Institute. Bruce brings his experience of renewable heating as a LEED Certified professional and energy designer to inform and educate on the subject of solar heat pumps, zero energy homes and more. 

The webinar will consist of a 25 minute presentation and a 30 minute Q&A. The webinar is free to attend, all you have to do is register!

This webinar is sponsored by SunPump Solar Inc.


Meet BCSEA staff, renewable energy enthusiasts, industry members and more at BCSEA's AGM!

BCSEA Members and non-members alike are invited to the BCSEA Provincial AGM, November 19th at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre, in Vancouver. 

Come meet the staff, board, chapter chairs and members of the BC Sustainable Energy Association. We hope you join us for this opportunity to network with industry members and engaged members of the public, and learn about the mission, activities and people that make the association what it is.

We look forward to seeing you there!



From the Blog

Moving Forward from BC's Climate (lack of) Leadership Plan

Climate leadership can take on many roles: it involves setting realistic targets rooted in scientific principles, developing an effective plan to achieve those objectives, and perhaps most important of all, inspiring citizens to take meaningful climate action.

Climate leadership should be carried out at different scales; most notably at a governmental level. Governments should be responsible for leading by example, therefore encouraging citizens to follow along their footsteps. But that's not what we've seen in BC.

Read the full article here.


Groups support low-income electricity rates!

BCSEA and Sierra Club BC endorsed a package of measures designed to help low-income customers of BC Hydro, in a BC utilities commission proceeding in October. The two groups threw their weight behind the BC Old Age Pensioners Organization and other groups represented by the BC Public Interest Advocacy Centre who are asking the commission to assist the hundreds of thousands of BC men, women and children who are struggling to cope with the high and rising costs of electricity service from BC Hydro.

Click here for the full developments in our latest BCUC article!


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Energy Revolution Services' team consists of experienced engineers driven by a passion for the transformative power of sustainable energy. They provide technical leadership to developers, operators and innovators in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. They act as your trusted in-house advisors, or external specialists to deliver success for your projects.

Their drive to lead energy sustainability is their fundamental reason for existence. They take ownership of their commitments to clients, and pride themselves on delivering excellence and innovation. They bring a dedication to sustainability, aiming to leave the world better than they found it and refusing to compromise on their ethics.

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