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LNG revenue windfall absent from BC's budget three-year projections

Liberals said they had expected revenues to begin flowing by 2017
No surprise: BC's LNG scheme was always a risky long shot that stole far too much government time and attention away from better, more realistic low carbon economic opportunities, while misleading citizens on the opportunity and its inherent pitfalls.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Gordon Hoekstra
Vancouver Sun
IMAGE: A model shows the proposed LNG liquification plant in Kitimat
A model shows the proposed liquified natural gas liquification plant and marine terminal in Kitimat.

Gone is any expectation in the 2015 budget of a near to medium-term revenue windfall from the development of a liquefied natural gas export industry in British Columbia.

In fact, revenues, through royalties, from the province's existing North American natural gas industry are expected to be lower over the next three years because of falling prices.


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