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The BC Sustainable Energy Association brings you the latest sustainable energy news from around the province and around the world.

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Bullfrog Power and BC’s Kitasoo/Xai’Xais First Nation partner on school solar project

October 28, 2015
Bullfrog Power Website

Vancouver—Today, Bullfrog Power®, Canada’s leading green energy provider, is announcing a partnership with the Kitasoo/Xai’Xais First Nation to develop the Klemtu Solar Project on a school rooftop in Klemtu, located on British Columbia’s Central Coast.

Vancouver’s SolShare Energy hopes to raise $1 million for community-owned solar-power projects

September 23, 2015
The Georgia Straight
Shareholders would receive dividends in return for “ethical investment”

Vancouver resident Rob Baxter says over one million people in Denmark are members of renewable-energy co-operatives.

The principal of the Vancouver Renewable Energy co-operative hopes the concept of community-owned energy projects will take off in British Columbia too.

Baxter told the Georgia Straight that VREC has establishedSolShare Energy, a subsidiary that will allow B.C. residents to buy shares and receive dividends from solar-power projects.

Sun smiles on prospects as Kimberley solar farm starts up

July 29, 2015
Vancouver Sun
Project is a joint venture that includes the city, landowner Teck and renewable energy non-profit

VANCOUVER — The builders of British Columbia’s first grid-scale solar
power plant in Kimberley named the project SunMine owing in part to its
location on a former mine site. But the operation is also finding more sun
to mine, exceeding initial expectations for electricity production.

Victoria condo powers up with strata-initiated solar project

June 13, 2015
TImes Colonist

A new solar panel system is covering the roof of a 64-unit Pembroke Street condominium building to help owners save on energy costs.

The installation on the Central Park condo appears to be a ground-breaking move for a Vancouver Island strata council.

In recent years, councils have been asking about the feasibility of installing solar electric panels, said Sandy Wagner, president of the Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association.

“This is the first one that I know of,” Wagner said. “That’s fabulous for them.”

Bloomberg LP Launches First Tool That Measures Risk of 'Unburnable Carbon' Assets

loomberg LP is now offering a Carbon Risk Valuation Tool through its terminal subscription service

December 3, 2013
InsideClimate News

In a move that underscores Wall Street's growing unease over the business-as-usual strategy of the world's fossil fuel companies, Bloomberg L.P. unveiled a tool last week that helps investors quantify for the first time how climate policies and related risks might batter the earnings and stock prices of individual oil, coal and natural gas companies.

Amory Lovins: Freedom From Fossil Fuels Is a Possible Dream

Amory Lovins, chairman and chief scientist at the Rocky Mountain Institute

April 9, 2015
InsideClimate News

The United States could run almost entirely on clean energy by 2050, with a larger economy, $5 trillion in savings––and no acts of Congress. That's a vision of the future as seen by Amory Lovins, a sustainability expert who talked about how to reach that goal in a presentation Tuesday at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass.

Electric vehicles, retrofits, the sharing economy and the rise of clean energy in Europe and China—all these technologies and trends show how a transition from oil, coal and nuclear power is possible, he said.

Electric Cars 2015 — Prices, Efficiency, Range, Pics, More

Renault Twizy

February 16, 2015
EV Obsession

Wondering what electric cars are on the market or soon will be? Wonder no more. I’m going to run down all of them in the article below. I will also add a few key details and commentary for each one (including prices, efficiency, range, and # of seats when such information is available).

Fossil fuel-free funds out-performed conventional ones, analysis shows

 New data challenges the widespread belief among asset managers that divestment from fossil fuels hurts the financial performance of investment funds

April 10, 2015
The Guardian

Investors who have dumped holdings in fossil fuel companies have outperformed those that remain invested in coal, oil and gas over the past five years according to analysis by the world’s leading stock market index company,

MSCI, which runs global indices used by more than 6,000 pension and hedge funds, found that investors who divested from fossil fuel companies would have earned an average return of 13% a year since 2010, compared to the 11.8%-a-year return earned by conventional investors.

Renewable energy boom underestimated by nearly all

Cumulative installed solar PV capacity: Global

March 31, 2015
REnew Economy

The coming of the renewable energy revolution has long been heralded by many of the world’s energy market authorities, and as solar and wind energy capacity is installed at record rates, these predictions seem to be being borne out.

But a new infographic published by Meister Consultants Group has shown that almost all of these expert predictions have vastly underestimated the scale at which the renewable energy revolution would happen.

Look what’s cooking in the world of renewable energy

Solar tech

April 6, 2015

Inside a sprawling single-story office building in Bedford, Mass., in a secret room known as the Growth Hall, the future of solar power is cooking at more than 2,500 °F. Behind closed doors and downturned blinds, custom-built ovens with ambitious names like “Fearless” and “Intrepid” are helping to perfect a new technique of making silicon wafers, the workhorse of today’s solar panels. If all goes well, the new method could cut the cost of solar power by more than 20 percent in the next few years.