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Educational Opportunities


Check here for a detailed listingwww.bcsea.org/green-economy

Continuing education is available through BC Sustainable Energy Association programs and community sponsored events.

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Post-secondary programs that focus on sustainable energy are available at colleges and universities throughout BC, and community education is available through the BCSEA, and at public events organized by our partners, such as City Green Solutions and the Lighthouse Sustainable Building Centre.

BCSEA Events

We provide information about events hosted by the BC Sustainable Energy Association as well as community and global events on energy, climate and sustainability. These events provide opportunities to learn more about all aspects of sustainable energy. The listing is updated regularly so please check back often.

BCSEA Webinars

The BC Sustainable Energy Association offers a monthly lunchtime webinars to help us learn about important developments in the areas of energy and climate. Our Energy Solutions Webinars are open to everyone. Check our events listing for information on upcoming and past Webinars.

Energy News & Discussion Lists

We provide two public lists for information sharing and discussion on BC energy and climate issues: BCSEA-NEWS and BCSEA-ENERGY. Our NEWS list is, appropriately enough, for news only. Discussion takes place on the ENERGY list. To sign up for either list, send an email to listserv@listserv.bcsea.org with the following command in the message body: subscribe listname (your name) . To unsubscribe, the command is: unsubscribe listname . You may also set your subscription to digest by sending the command: set listname digest .