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Kamloops: Answers from the Candidates

Cheryl Kabloona
Sunday, September 13, 2015
Photo credit: CFJC TV

We're grateful to be on the radar of at least two of the MP candidates in the Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo riding. It's no small thing for them to take the time to reflect and compose answers specifically for us.  We know they're inundated with queries from groups and individuals, in addition to their many other campaign activities.

Back on August 31, Rob Purdy of BCSEA Kamloops sent letters to the local candidates asking them to answer three questions for us. Liberal candidate Steve Powrie was the first to respond, and NDP candidate Bill Sundhu's response came soon after.  We haven't heard yet from Matt Greenwood (Greens) or Cathy McLeod (Conservative) but we'll be happy to post their answers too, up to October 9.

The questions are as follows.

Question 1: Please describe your party’s plan for Canada to address climate change.

Question 2: In your words, what is ‘environmental sustainability’, and what are your best contributions in your personal life and volunteer experience to support environmental sustainability.

Question 3: Please describe why you think your party has the best chance to win a majority in the election for the Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo Riding.


Follow the links here to read the candidate responses.

Steve Powrie's response (Liberal)

Bill Sundhu's response (NDP)

A big thank-you to Powrie and Sundhu, and we look forward to hearing from Greenwood and McLeod.


PDF icon Steve Powrie, Liberal42.46 KB
PDF icon Bill Sundhu, NDP40.25 KB