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The Global Solar PV Market Hit 177GW in 2014, A Tenfold Increase From 2008

Solar PVs are providing 1% of the world's energy use, with Europe leading the way. What incentives should Canada provide to make the industry grow here?

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Julia Pyper
Green Tech Media
Evolution of Regional PV installations

By the end of 2014, total installed capacity for solar PV globally amount to at least 177 gigawatts, up from nearly 140 gigawatts in 2013, according to the International Energy Agency's Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (IEA-PVPS).

Countries in the IEA-PVPS network that are engaged in collaborative efforts to grow the PV market reported 155 gigawatts of cumulative solar installations at the end of 2014. Countries outside of the PVPS program, which the IEA tracks through industry groups as opposed to official government bodies, installed at least 22 gigawatts of additional capacity.

There is at least 10 times more solar PV installed around the world today than in 2008. These global installations are now producing more than 1 percent of the electricity used on the planet.

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