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Split Rock Sustainable Technologies

We offer consultation, design, installation, sales and service for renewable energy production – solar, wind and water-driven electricity and back-up power systems, on or off-grid.

We have the tools and experience to assess your site resources, needs and budget to get you the system that works best for you, whether you are looking to power a small cabin, a lodge, provide back-up or uninterrupted power for a business or looking to off-set your home’s grid-based power.

We work in association with Integrated Power Systems of Kelowna, BC.

We offer comprehensive assessment for solar, wind and water power, and other solar applications. We integrate site analysis, building science, energy conservation and experience with renewable energy technologies and products to assist you to find the best possible integration of systems and products to suit your natural resources, your electricity needs and your budget.

A site assessment provides you with comparative options based on your resources. If you desire, we can provide guidance on energy conservation as well, which allows you to get more power with less equipment/expense. We also offer self-help info and links on our website for your use in sizing your system and learning and practicing energy conservation. We do not perform home design or solar hot water system design but can refer to you another reputable contractor if you desire these services.