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goGreen LED Lighting Ltd

The continuing discharge of Greenhouse gas emission on the Earth's surface is the biggest environmental concern we are facing today. With the use of the latest LED technology, it is the fastest and the most cost-effective way to avert any further climate downfall. Reducing up to 80% of energy consumption with a life-span of 30,000~50,000 hours, goGreen LED Lighting Ltd.promises to consistently provide the highest quality of LED lighting by the top global manufacturers.

We provide LED retrofit light bulbs, LED tunnel light, LED street lamp, LED light panel and exclusively, the world's first IECEx certified LED Explosion-Proof lamp for hazardous areas.

Previously known as Fawoo Technology Canada Co., Ltd., we are a short-listed manufacturer of Toronto's LightSavers program, an alliance member of BCHydro PowerSmart, a member of Canada Green Building Council and a member of Burnaby Board of Trade.