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Diacarbon Energy Inc.

Diacarbon Energy Inc. is a privately owned renewable energy company with patents pending in the USA and Canada for its portable biomass refinery technology.

The Company has completed assembly of its portable pilot plant, a 1.3-ton/hour biomass refinery and has begun production of carbon neutral fuels and biochar soil amendments from biomass waste. It is now in the process of building the next generation portable plant with a capacity of 2.5 ton/hour.

Diacarbon utilises its patented pyrolysis conversion technology to provide biomass waste management, while simultaneously creating renewable fuels in the form of bio oil, biochar and syngas.

Diacarbon is uniquely positioned to provide solutions for the:

-Biomass Waste Management Industry;
-Bioenergy Sector through the production of clean charcoal and bio oil;
-Agriculture Industry through the production of biochar and;
-Carbon Credit Market as a provider of carbon storage solutions.