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Climate Change Showdown

Our children will inherit the Earth. Providing them with the education they need to address the major challenges facing this planet is key to their future well-being. BC's Ministry of Education has taken the positive step of mandating that all schoolchildren from Kindergarten to Grade 12 must receive climate education. Most teachers do not, however, have the resources and skills to effectively deliver this curriculum.

The Climate Change Showdown is an innovative educational program designed for elementary school classrooms. BC sustainable Energy association educators deliver workshops featuring three main elements: a video and talk that provides an understanding of the science of climate change, an interactive board game that encourages students to connect choices made today with future outcomes, and a take-home contest that challenges students and their families to take measurable actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.The results of the take-home contest are collected in order to calculate program impacts.

Popular with students and teachers alike, since 2006 the program has reached over 40,000 students across the province. Demand for the Climate Change Showdown continues to grow, and the BC Sustainable Energy Association is working to deliver the program to more communities each year, and expanding the number of languages in which the workshops are offered beyond English and French.

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