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BC Bioenergy Network

Established in April 2008 with a $25 million grant from the BC government, BC Bioenergy Network (BCBN) is an industry-led association that acts as a catalyst for deploying near-term bioenergy technologies and organizing mission-driven research for the development and demonstration of sustainable technologies to build a world class bioenergy capability in BC.

As of late 2011, BC Bioenergy Network has announced investments: loans ($2.9 million) and grants ($9.6 million) in twenty-one different projects since January, 2009.  The total of BCBN commitments to date is $12.5 million; the overall value of the 21 projects is $74.2 million.  Therefore, BCBN support is levered by additional investments of $61.7 million – a ratio of nearly 6:1 on a project funded basis.

The projects supported by BCBN fall into two categories: capacity-building and technology development and demonstration.  Capacity-building initiatives to date have a lower overall cost ($1.1 million) for an average cost per project of $110,000.  This compares to technology development and demonstration projects in the amount of $11.4 million, for an average cost of $1.4 million per loan or grant.

All projects supported by BCBN fall into eight strategic value streams which are grouped into three sectors:

  1. Agriculture (Agriculture Residues),
  2. Forest (Solid Wood Residues,Pulp and Paper Residues,Harvesting and Densification) and
  3. Municipal (Heat and Power Systems, Wastewater, Existing Landfill Waste and Solid Waste).