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Spot the Energy Savings Opportunities

Training / Education
Nov 22 2014 - 12:00am

Identify opportunities that can help your organization save on energy use and reduce energy costs. The "Spot the Energy Savings Opportunities" workshop will help you understand energy basics and identify up-front savings opportunities.

The best place to begin to look for energy savings opportunities is where the energy is the most expensive – at the point of end use.

For example, did you know that the difference in cost between an energy-efficient motor and a regular motor may be paid for by the incremental change in efficiency? At the “Spot the Energy Savings Opportunities” workshop, solutions such as this are identified in a checklist of opportunities.

Want to know how to save on fans and pumps, boiler systems and how you can assess the benefits of energy efficiency?

Did you know that compressed air can be your most expensive utility? Find out how to save. Savings of 20% are easily possible.

The “Spot the Energy Savings Opportunities” workshop is for you!

Learn to recognize opportunities involving energy use in your facility, including:

  • reviewing energy basics
  • identifying and prioritizing your opportunities
  • evaluating the advantages of energy efficiency

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

Specialized staff who make energy-related decisions within your organization:

  • energy champions and energy managers
  • facility managers
  • plant and process engineers and managers
  • maintenance supervisors
  • electrical and mechanical tradespeople
  • "shop-floor" personnel
  • contractors and consultants
  • energy service providers