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BCSEA Victoria Speakers Series: BEHAVIOURAL CHANGE

Chapter Meeting
Oct 20 2014 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Guest Speaker Heather Bauer
Guest Speaker Heather Bauer
Guest Speaker Heather Bauer

Over the next year, leading to the next scheduled federal election (currently 19 October 2015), we will host six expert and engaging speakers to address six key sustainable energy and climate action issues from a federal policy perspective, to be followed by an all-candidates meeting just before the election.   

Join us for the first speaker - Heather Bauer, Co-founder of the International King Tides Project and Board Director of the Environmental Education Actions Programs Society , with a talk on Behaviour Change that will explore how we can empower people to act and influence others to address climate change.

"Is it really worth my efforts to personally take on climate change? Who is to blame for this mess and shouldn't they pay?"

There are plenty of questions to ask about the challenge of climate change. Many of these questions lead us to forgo actively contributing to solutions. Why is this?  

Heather will share a unique perspective sourced from experience in government, intergovernmental relations, experts in community engagement and the latest in human psychology. 

This talk will also explore how to help individuals, families and communities prepare for cliamte changes we are committed to. Look forward to learning about tangible climate actions you may not have heard yet.

About Heather:
Heather Bauer has worked for 10 years in government in the natural resource sector. With a geography degree and a knack for holistic thinking and clear communications, Heather has found a niche as an engagement specialist on the issue of climate change. She most recently capped off a five year career with the Climate Action Secretariat with a trip to Climate Week New York for the Peoples Climate March and other events.

Born in raised in Victoria, Heather challenges herself to think outside the pacific coast "green bubble" and keeps current with the latest analysis on human behaviour and environmental issues. Her talks are usually peppered with art, poetry and music, as she recognizes the importance of engaging both sides of the brain when complex challenges such as climate change confront us.

You can find Heather, her partner and her 9 year old son Jack snacking in the garden or exploring the city on their bikes.