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Aquaponics Tour

Chapter Event
Sep 13 2014 - 10:00am to 11:00am

Interested in backyard aquaponics? How about urban aquaculture?

Would you like to sample a delicious greenhouse tomato – nutrients provided courtesy of a school of rainbow trout?

Jason and Dana Gill and their family are Kamloopsians who are living proof that you can supply your family with garden-fresh produce in a cost-effective and sustainable manner, and as a bonus, their backyard system produces 50 rainbow trout for the table each year.

BCSEA members and supporters are invited to attend.

There’s no charge but registration is required and is limited to the first 30 people. Please register here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/aquaponics-tour-registration-12846252487 After you've registered we'll give you the address.

Traditional hydroponics involves growing vegetables in an artificial medium and supplementing with store-bought nutrients. Traditional rainbow trout aquaculture involves moving water through the fish tank and flushing it away due to the buildup of fish waste including ammonia. Aquaponics is a food production system that combines the two (hydroponics and aquaculture) in a symbiotic environment.

Jason and his family did extensive research on backyard aquaponics and built a closed system with a trout pond holding 50 trout and a greenhouse linked together such that the nutrients generated by the growing trout feed the plants in the greenhouse, resulting in abundant and delicious vegetables. In turn, the vegetables take up the nutrients and fish waste and send clean water back to the school of trout. Jason starts with six-inch trout in the spring and harvests twelve-inch trout in September of each year. His only input is about $17 worth of fish food per year.

The Gill family has operated their backyard aquaponics greenhouse in downtown Kamloops for five years, and the system produces approximately 50 rainbow trout each year as well as plenty of fresh veggies for their family.