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BCSEA Victoria Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting
Apr 21 2014 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Join the Victoria Chapter for their next meeting with guests Laura Parker and Thomas Teuwen of KandF Sustainable Lifestyle Strategies, Inc.

Laura Parker & Thomas Teuwen of kandf sustainable lifestyle strategies in Sidney have made their lifestyle choices an expression of their personal values by going car free, eating vegetarian and building their own small footprint home (which they are working toward becoming net zero or even plus-energy). With a passion for sharing what they have learned, Laura and Thomas provide sustainability coaching, speaking and consulting services, and offer sustainable lifestyle immersion vacations. www.kandf.ca
"We had the fantastic opportunity to be given a personal tour by the Deputy Mayor of the energy producing town of Wildpoldsreid in Bavaria this past Christmas, while on vacation in
The village closed its 2013 power generating season with an energy surplus of 500% using wind, solar, and biogas! None of the technologies employed are necessarily new, it is just fascinating how this little village has used the power of community participation to combine these technologies and then leverage itself into a net energy producer. The opportunities to develop such profitable win-win sustainability solutions are compelling and exciting!"