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BCSEA Webinar: The Rossland Energy Diet - What are the Secrets of Their Success?

Dec 17 2013 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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Two years ago, the residents of Rossland, a small town in BC’s West Kootenays, used to use 40% more electricity than average household: they were the ‘fattest’ energy town in the province.

Then something extraordinary happened. FortisBC PowerSense launched a seven-month, high-impact program to change that status, and persuade people to invest in energy efficiency, using the best tools in the book to remove barriers and persuade people to change. 

Fully 22% of the homeowners (257) registered for an energy assessment and qualified for a rebate, and 34 businesses received complete lighting retrofits. Compared to the normal take-up rate, this is groundbreaking. 

By the end of the program, 12% of Rossland’s homeowners and 35 small businesses had invested $1.6 million in energy efficiency improvements. They reduced their annual consumption of natural gas by 2220 GJ, their electricity by 1,478,000 kilowatt hours, and their greenhouse gas emissions by 338 tonnes. 

How did they do it? What made Rossland’s program so successful? And could it be replicated elsewhere? Patricia Dehnel will open up her secret box, and reveal the wisdom within.

This free BCSEA webinar presented with the generous support of Vancity, Canada's largest credit union.

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Patricia Dehnel, MCIP, RPP, has worked in the field of Community Planning since 1994.  In 2013 she has enjoyed a 1 year secondment to FortisBC as Program Manager of the Kootenay Energy Diet, a residential PowerSense program to encourage and support homeowners to do energy efficient upgrades to their homes. Kootenay Energy Diet is the regional version of Rossland Energy Diet.  

Since 2009, she has been an Energy Planner with Community Energy Association (CEA), a non-profit organization supporting BC’s Local Governments in accelerating applications of energy efficiency and renewable energy in all aspects of community design, infrastructure and community engagement for sustainability.  

Until 2007, Patricia was the City Planner in Nelson, BC.  She has a Masters Degree in Community and Regional Planning from the University of British Columbia.  She and her family enjoy travel and spending time with friends and family exploring faraway places.

Terry Miller is a Saskatchewan transplant who has been working and playing in the mountains around Rossland for over 30 years.

As Chair of the Rossland Sustainability Commission, he works with volunteer members of the Commission and its Task Forces on Energy, Economics, and Education to connect and engage the citizens of Rossland with the City's ambitious 30-year strategic sustainability plan.

In his workaday life, he is an Organization Development consultant, working with health authorities and with companies such as Microsoft and Mercer International to help them gain deeper insights into the belief systems and experiences in their own organizations, and with the United Nations Development Program, which he is helping to better understand how their programs are affecting people's quality of life.

Terry enjoys his work almost as much as he enjoys the idyllic pleasures of Rossland, where world-class skiing and biking are right out his back door.