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BCSEA Webinar: Building a Passive House - The Practical Low-Down

Nov 12 2013 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Passive House at night

A Passive House building uses 90% less energy than conventional construction, and larger Passive House projects are now being designed and built in North America, following Europe’s lead. Join us for a free BCSEA Webinar to hear:

  • Why would a North American contractor build to the Passive House Standard?
  • What are the distinguishing construction features of a Passive House building?
  • Are they expensive to build?
  • And what are they like to live or work in? 

Our guest Rob Bernhardt provides answers to these questions and discusses multi-family passive house projects being designed.

Rob Bernhardt is trained in passive house design and construction, and works with Bernhardt Contracting Ltd. in providing construction management, consulting and construction services. As a commercial general contractor with an interest in high performance buildings, Bernhardt Contracting Ltd. built the first building on Vancouver Island to the International Passive House Standard of energy efficiency.  Current passive house projects in the pre-construction phase include a six-unit rental building in Victoria, a show home in a 50 lot subdivision, and two larger multi family projects.

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