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BCSEA Victoria Chapter: What's BCSEA doing on your behalf ?

Chapter Meeting
Mar 18 2013 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Join us for the regular BCSEA Victoria Chapter meeting.

Our March 18th meeting will feature updates from two key members of BCSEA who are doing important work behind the scenes at the provincial level.
Have you ever wondered where the electricity or the gas power you use in your home comes from? Have you ever wondered who makes sure that the people supplying your electricity and gas do so reliably and without charging you too much money? Welcome to the fascinating world of energy regulation.
Tom Hackney, a policy analyst for BCSEA and former long-time board member, will explain how the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC)  oversees the plans and operations of BC Hydro and FortisBC; how the Commission protects you, the consumer, and other interested parties, such as industry; and how the BCSEA works for sustainable energy by participating in Utilities Commission proceedings. He will also give us an update on FortisBC's controversial application for permission to install 'advanced' (i.e. 'smart') meters throughout its service area in south-central BC. Tom has undertaken many interventions before the BCUC on behalf of BCSEA.
Dennis Carlsen, currently a member of the provincial BCSEA Board of Directors, will follow up with an update on developments at the provincial level with three key BCSEA programs: Solar BC, the Climate Change Showdown elementary school program and the  Green MURBs (Multi Unit Residential Buildings) Pilot Project in Vancouver. In addition he will share the outcomes of the Board Retreat and Strategy Session that will be held on March 9-10.  An important component of this will be the relationship with the BCSEA Chapters.
Dennis was previously a Senior Planner with the City of Victoria. Since leaving the City, he has worked as a planning consultant providing development coaching for private sector clients, primarily on Vancouver Island. He is currently on the Board of Directors of the Victoria YW-YMCA, and is Chair of the South Island Chapter of the Planning Institute of BC. His focus is to create stronger links in communities between the private sector, government, non-government agencies and the public in order to address this challenge of building more resilient communities.
Free to all - no registration required 
Venue accessible with ramps, tea served