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BCSEA Victoria - 2013 Projects

Chapter Meeting
Jan 21 2013 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Join us at our first 2013 meeting to plan for this year's Chapter actions.

In November, we invited a group of our members to collaborate with people from other complementary groups in Victoria, brainstorming ideas and plans for projects in 2013.

We had several great ideas, and we would like help from our members, and the community, to decide on the best way to pursue them. Our top two are an energy festival, and a reachout to local high schools, but there are others too.

On Monday Jan 21, we will be describing these ideas, and looking for assistance to make them happen. One - connecting with local high school students – is already underway with an enthusiastic team. We are still clarifying what another – a collaborative community event around energy conservation – will look like. The other ideas are waiting for volunteers to make them happen. There are small ideas which one person could do, and larger ones for teams to take on. Your pick.

At this meeting, we’ll describe each option, and ask for your experience, feedback, ideas and enthusiasm to help decide which we will take on, and what they will look like. 

See our list of ideas here: http://www.bcsea.org/sites/bcsea.org/files/2013-bcsea-victoria-planning-ideas_0.doc 

and more about the day here on our blog: http://www.bcsea.org/blog/bruce-mackenzie/2013/01/13/bcsea-victoria-2013-projects