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BCSEA Webinar: Passive Houses in Canada and Around the World

Sep 18 2012 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Join Guido Wimmers for this free BCSEA Webinar on Passive Houses in Canada and around the World. Guido will discuss the experience of Passive House in Canada and show the fundamental components of Passive House design, with examples and potential contradictions in the current building industry and policy.

The Passive House approach to construction is a highly ambitious response to global climate change and energy security issues.

Heating & cooling energy represents 75–85% of the total lifecycle environmental impact of a building in Canada, so our singular priority for achieving sustainable buildings must be a dramatic reduction in their energy use. The Passive House approach is the world’s most ambitious, verified and practical way of meeting this goal.

The Passive House Standard gives designers, planners and builders the tools and knowledge to produce buildings which can truly be called sustainable, and which can be affordable to all.

Passive House, the world’s most stringent energy efficiency standard, is currently becoming a “global movement” with over 40,000 units build in more than 30 different countries and almost every climate zone from the arctic to the tropics.

Here in Canada Passive House is gaining momentum, but Canadians also have to overcome hurdles as in many other countries. The availability of high performance components such as high performance window or highly efficient HRVs is as much an issue as to achieve thermal bridge free design or appropriate air tightness. Furthermore also municipalities and insurers have to deal with a new building approach and a new level of performance.

Presenter: Prior to moving to Canada in 2007, Dr. Wimmers worked as a consultant designing and building Passive Houses in Austria, Germany and Italy. Since being in Canada, Guido has been invited to share his expertise with students at UBC, SFU and BCIT and has given numerous seminars and talks about the next leap in building technology at forums including the GLOBE convention, the CAGBC summit and Canadian Wood Council fairs.

Guido is one of the initiators of Canada’s first Passive House in Whistler and has worked on Passive House projects all across Canada. He is also co-author of the Passive Design Tool Kit of the City of Vancouver and a founding director of the Canadian Passive House Institute

CanPHI offers courses and support in sustainable and integrated design in the form of Passive House, energy efficiency, thermal comfort, healthy living and wellbeing in the creation of the next generation of high performance buildings which perform at a very high level, thermally, acoustically, environmentally and economically. Please visit www.passivehouse.ca


 PS: As an appetizer, Tracey Allan passed along this video tour of his house on Prince Edward Island: http://youtu.be/33IWs4H3kL4