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Ontario SEA Webinar: Making Coop-Corporate Partnerships work under FIT 2.0

Sep 6 2012 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Note this Webinar is for Ontario and discusses Co-Ops and the Ontario Feed In Tariff.

What does it mean to partner co-operatively? Are Coop-Corporate Partnerships under FIT 2.0 any different than the type of partnerships we see every day in the business world? Can a co-operative serve its members - which it is mandated to do under the Co-operative Corporations Act while, at the same time, work with a commercial developer whose mandate is to optimize profits to owners. It will be a difficult balancing act. And if we don't get it right the regulatory agencies may just see Coop-Corporate Partnerships as a work around for FIT contract points and a way to maximize profits - "uncooperatively." By focusing on these critical questions the webinar will work towards the development of standards and guidelines that will provide a way to decide if a Coop-Corporate Partnership is right for you; how to form and how to perform in executing a successful partnership.



  • John Andrews, IPC
  • Harry French, OSEA
  • Ian Shewan, Lerners LLP
  • Scott Stoll, Aird and Berlis LLP
  • Anthony Zwig, Horizon Legacy

Chris Chopik, Evolution Green and Bosley Real Estate

Cost: C$40.00, free for OSEA members