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BCSEA Webinar: Expanding Energy Efficiency for BC Hydro: Lessons from Industry Leaders

Jun 19 2012 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

What would it cost for BC Hydro to join North American industry leaders and save 2% of forecast electricity sales annually with an expanded investment in energy efficiency (Demand Side Management) ? We will see how much leading utilities elsewhere have spent and how much energy they have saved.

John Plunkett of Green Energy Economics Group in Bristol, Vermont will describe several program recommendations that would increase BC Hydro’s cost-effective efficiency savings. It will summarize highlights of the evidence that would have been presented to the recently cancelled BC Utilities Commission hearings into BC Hydro’s new Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). 

John Plunkett has worked for over thirty years in energy utility planning, concentrating on energy efficiency as a resource and business strategy for energy service providers.

He has played key advisory and negotiating roles on all aspects of electric and gas utility demand side management (DSM), and been involved in the review or preparation of many gas and electricity DSM investment plans.

John has worked throughout North America and in China on behalf of energy service providers, citizen and environmental non-government organizations, state consumer advocates, utility regulators, and government agencies, and has testified as an expert witness before regulators in twelve US states and three Canadian provinces, presenting evidence on energy efficiency to the BCUC on five occasions.

He earned his B.A. in Economics with Distinction from Swarthmore College.