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Sold Out - BC Hydro's Smart Grid

Chapter Meeting
Feb 20 2012 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Note: As of Friday Feb 17, all seats are taken, and we can't issue any more registrations beyond a few seats reserved for BCSEA members. There is a waiting list at the registration website and we'll do our best to allocate any seats which come available.

Join the BCSEA Victoria Chapter to learn how a smarter power grid will help British Columbia use electricity more efficiently.

Pre-registration required:

Follow this link to ‘buy’ free tickets at Eventbrite:  http://bcsea.eventbrite.ca

BC Hydro’s Dave De Yagher, Smart Metering Operations Manager, and Cindy Verschoor, Manager of Communications and Public Affairs, will give an overview of how new technologies will upgrade B.C.’s electrical infrastructure. Smart meters are only the first step in creating a modern electrical grid.

We'll learn about:
- how more information about electrical loads will help BC Hydro run its integrated electricity generation / transmission / distribution system, plan power use, and reduce peak loads
- the telecommunications system that enables two-way communication between the new meters, BC Hydro and with your home
- how you will be able to use information from smart meters to reduce your energy use
- the role of smart appliances in a modern grid
- how a smart grid will enable large-scale adoption of electric vehicles
- how a smarter grid will facilitate small scale generation, like customer owned photovoltaic panels or wind turbines
- what the program involves and how it will benefit you

A Note on the Topic:
Although BCSEA (at the provincial level) is an active intervener in BC Utilities Commission hearings on some topics, we have not taken a position on smart meters. This presentation is an opportunity for our members to learn how a smarter power grid works and the place of smart meters within it.

Pre-Register to reserve a seat here: http://bcsea.eventbrite.ca

BC Hydro Presenters:
David De Yagher, CGA, is BC Hydro’s Smart Metering and Infrastructure Operations Manager and Solution Architect with overall responsibility for ensuring that the design, delivery and operations of BC Hydro’s Smart Metering solution aligns with the required business requirements.   David is a 23 year veteran utility manager whose focus has been on business and technology.  He has been involved with BC Hydro’s Smart Metering project since its inception back in October 2005.   As a member of various standards and technical committees including the Open SmartGrid Technical Committee, David has engaged multiple stakeholder groups to present the solution and help drive the project requirements forward.

Cindy Verschoor is the Manager of Communications and Public Affairs for BC Hydro’s Smart Metering Program. Ms. Verschoor is a Professional Forester and has held a broad range of roles related to communications and multi-stakeholder engagement processes in the forest sector as well as BC Hydro.

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