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OneSmartWorld Workshops: Building Sustainable Communities by Optimizing 'Total Intelligence'

Community Event
May 5 2011 - 9:00am to May 6 2011 - 4:00pm

Building Sustainable Communities by Optimizing ‘Total Intelligence’

Communities everywhere face urgent sustainability challenges. To accelerate solutions, we must make better use of our ‘total intelligence’ as individuals and as groups. We must learn to think, communicate, and act smarter to facilitate change in our social, cultural, environmental and economic arenas.

To that end, the Fresh Outlook Foundation invites you to experience the life‐ and world‐changing power of OneSmartWorld. Used by organizations such as the Province of BC, Dalhousie University, and Westjet (which experienced a 558% return on investment), OneSmartWorld empowers individuals and organizations with practical tools to accelerate innovation and positive change.

Participants will learn to:
* enhance personal effectiveness
* make better decisions
* strengthen teamwork

WORKSHOP #1: Smart for Life
Learn to live a smarter life by making better use of the four dimensions of high performance thinking: creativity, understanding, decision-making, and personal spirit.

* run more efficient meetings
* create more collaborative cultures
* build community capacity

WORKSHOP #2: Smarter Meetings
Learn to plan and run more productive meetings that save time, increase engagement, improve team problem-solving, and generate better decisions.

* David Church, Certified OneSmartWorld Master Trainer
* Joanne de Vries, Fresh Outlook Foundation

* One day: $349 per participant (no HST)
* Two days for the same participant: $599 (no HST)