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Parks Master Plan Public Workshop

Community Event
Feb 24 2011 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Congratulate the City for already doing a lot towards becoming sustainable - the composting facility is first rate and support for the gardens is amazing. But we can always do better!

Join the Parks Master Plan - Public workshop and encourage the City to:

  • Choose plants that provide forage for our native bees and beneficial insects.
  • Use fruit & nut bearing plants as well as other edibles within its public landscapes.
  • Create an Edible Demonstration Garden
  • Put more money towards protecting our City Wilderness Parks that provide habitat for our native bees & other pollinators.
  • Upgrade & care for the demonstration Xeriscape Garden.

Please pre-register before Feb 17 or you can just show up..

Preregister by calling Michael Doll, Parks Planning Supervisor ,Phone Ext: (250).828.3570

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